St. Lawrence Global Observatory




Created in 2005 by federal and provincial government as well as academic institutions and community organizations, the St. Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO) makes it possible to maximize the benefits of data collection by integrating multidisciplinary data from multiple partners on a single web portal. Promoting data discovery and re-use, SLGO counts 48 members and is recognized throughout the world.

The content distributed by SLGO spans across all disciplines, themes and areas of interest that data-producing members choose to make accessible. A large amount of scientific and environmental information is already available through SLGO's portal. Furthermore, in order to maximize data availability, SLGO's team develops user-friendly web applications to facilitate data visualization and download in various formats.

SLGO is, as such, responsible for the activities of the region of the St. Lawrence of CIOOS. To contribute, we invite you to contact us.

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