Folger Pinnacle Conductivity Temperature Depth Deployed 2015-07-20

The Sea-Bird SeaCAT SBE19plus V2 7035 was deployed on 2015-07-20 at Folger Pinnacle. Folger Pinnacle is an isolated pillar-like feature in Folger Passage, where biodiversity and coastal ecosystems are observed. This device is a Conductivity Temperature Depth. Conductivity Temperature Depth (CTD) is an instrument package that contains sensors for measuring the conductivity, temperature, and pressure of seawater. Salinity, sound velocity, depth and density are variables that can be derived from sensor measurements. CTDs can carry additional instruments and sensors such as oxygen sensors, turbidity sensors and fluorometers. It was deployed on a fixed platform. Data from this deployment were archived and made available through Ocean Networks Canada's Oceans 2.0 digital infrastructure, with quality assurance and derived data products following established practices.

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Field Value
Ocean Variables Surface Currents
Scope Dataset
Status Completed
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  • Name: Ocean Networks Canada Society
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  • Individual Name: Ocean Networks Canada Society
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Spatial Extent {"coordinates":[-125.2815,48.8082916667],"type":"Point"}
North Bounding Latitude 48.8082916667
South Bounding Latitude 48.8082916667
East Bounding Longitude -125.2815
West Bounding Longitude -125.2815
Temporal Extent Begin: 2015-07-20
End: 2016-04-19
Vertical Extent Min: 25.0
Max: 25.0
Default Locale English
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Code: fb8b47c9-e85a-4401-a2a2-37b94c501a6d