Barkley Canyon Upper Slope Fluorometer Turbidity Deployed 2009-08-25

The WET Labs ECO FLNTUS 894 was deployed on 2009-08-25 at Barkley Canyon Upper Slope. Upper Slope is a location within Barkley Canyon, which is located on the upper continental slope. This device is a Fluorometer Turbidity. Fluorometer Turbidity instruments measure chlorophyll fluorescence and turbidity within the same volume of seawater. The instrument uses a light emitting diode (LED) to provide an excitation source. The fluoresced light is received by a detector at a particular angle from the LED source, and uses an interference filter to discriminate against scattered excitation light. Turbidity is measured at the same time, by detecting scattered light from a LED, which is positioned at the same angle as the chlorophyll fluorescence. It was deployed on a profiling platform. Data from this deployment were archived and made available through Ocean Networks Canada's Oceans 2.0 digital infrastructure, with quality assurance and derived data products following established practices.

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Ocean Variables Surface Currents
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Spatial Extent {"coordinates":[-126.174095,48.4272533333],"type":"Point"}
North Bounding Latitude 48.4272533333
South Bounding Latitude 48.4272533333
East Bounding Longitude -126.174095
West Bounding Longitude -126.174095
Temporal Extent Begin: 2009-08-25
End: 2010-05-14
Vertical Extent Min: 348.92
Max: 392.5
Default Locale English
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