Monthly data from lightstations on the coast of British Columbia, Canada

The dataset consists of 12 coastal stations that have been monitored for several decades, the earliest commencing in 1914. There are gaps in the daily data due to weather conditions being too dangerous for sampling. The daily sampling strategy at BC shore stations was designed long ago by Dr. John P. Tully. We have chosen not to change the strategy in the interests of a homogeneous data set. A sea water sample is collected by immersing a bucket in the seawater and measuring the temperature and salinity of the water in the bucket; sampling occurs at or near the daytime high tide. Sampling at the daytime high tide means, for example, that if an observer starts sampling one day at 6 a.m.(local time) and continues to sample at the daytime hightide then on the 2nd day the sample will be taken at about 06:50, the next day at 07:40 and so on. When the daytime high tide occurs in the late afternoon the sampling time reverts to the next morning and the cycle starts again. Since there is a diurnal signal in sea-surface temperature the sampling creates a 14-day signal as an artifact in the daily data. The monthly data are calculated by averaging the daily data of each month.

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