Erosion tour of the townships (Magdalen Islands)

The Attention FragÎles team met with approximately 300 Islanders in the winter of 2011 to talk about shoreline erosion. Meetings were held in 13 Island townships between January and March, from Havre-Aubert to Grande-Entrée, and including Entry Island. The "Erosion tour of the townships" project aimed to:

1) Bring the Islands’ citizens together to hold conversations and to share their knowledge about the issue, and better understand and the phenomenon of erosion, its impacts and inherent risks;

2) Engage citizens in a common examination of the human factors that either aggravate or attenuate erosion, and formulate concrete action proposals that address those factors;

3) Make sure dune restoration projects last in the long term by setting up committees and mobilizing citizens to get involved and take part in the restoration work.

The idea behind the tour of the townships was therefore to give citizens a voice and a chance to speak about this crucial theme for the future of the archipelago. All those wishing to understand this phenomenon, to talk about it, to voice their ideas, to think about the causes and the solutions together, joined us in these conversations. A presentation on the following elements was given at each of the meetings:

1) the phenomenon of erosion and its natural and human causes;

2) a mapping of local issues in each township that was visited;

3) currently available solutions to fight against coastal erosion with each solution’s pros and cons.

The citizens were then invited to share their experiences and how they perceive the evolution of the coastline over the years. We talked about the role of citizens, the responsibility of the authorities and their expectations, as well as the option of creating committees to carry out some of the work. A brief summary of these meetings was also presented to the mayor and councillors of the Municipality of the Magdalen Islands.

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